Reflections on and a Call for Humanity

Me in front of Joan of Arc

They advertised incessantly about “be the difference” and how they valued Jesuit pedagogy. Well, Jesuit teaching is founded on the humanities. It was utterly paradoxical.

Flash forward several years and the situation is worse. COVID-19 obviously isn’t helping, but Marquette recently proposed cutting around 200 (if not more) faculty because of our financial situation. It’s pretty clear that most of those cuts will come from the humanities. This is a hastened continuation of Marquette’s degradation the humanities in recent years.

I am asking Marquette to do the same.

As a Classics major, I want to take a moment to break down one of the Latin mottos that Marquette constantly harps on. Cura personalis. In translation, Ignatian spirituality says this means “care for the whole person.” I give this translation an A+… but with a catch. Classicists will applaud you for your ability to translate, but perhaps more important is your ability to contextualize. This is where the work begins!

You cannot have cura personalis in the most legitimate and real sense of the phrase without humanities being at the center of education.

For the value of a liberal arts degree:

Please sign this petition:

Brooke McArdle is a senior at Marquette University, majoring in Classical Languages and History. She is planning to pursue a doctoral degree in Classical Philology after her graduation.



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Brooke McArdle

Brooke McArdle


I am a current senior at Marquette University majoring in Classical Languages and History.