With extraordinary gratitude

In the past few days, time has become a more nebulous concept for me than it has been previously. I have been moving systematically from one phone call to the next, from one social media platform to the next. I do not sleep anymore and eat only when my friends remind me that I haven’t recently. My conduct violations, in tandem with the election, pandemic, etc., have coalesced into one catastrophic union.

When I read the subpoena, I felt entirely alone. I felt that I was being unfairly targeted and punished for doing what my university taught me to do: stand up for those in need (living out cura personalis). I felt silenced. I felt betrayed.

I knew I could not and should not back down, despite the university’s blatant intimidation efforts. But in those feelings of confidence, I nonetheless felt burdened by injustice.

The heart break and the anxiety surrounding my subpoena was lessened when I saw that others in the Marquette community were equally as disgusted by Marquette’s intimidation efforts.

To those who have commented, reposted, tweeted, and shared, I am indebted and forever grateful. I am proud to stand with you and fight for the future of Marquette University. Together we are actively working to ensure that Marquette not only has a future, but a future where all students feel welcomed and feel that they can voice their opinions without fear of retribution.

You make the difference in my life by standing with me during these times of intense division and suppression. There are not enough words to describe my gratitude.

I again challenge Marquette University to “Be the Difference.” Seek efficacious and creative solutions in collaboration with faculty, staff, students, and community members. Be entirely transparent. Reaffirm your commitment to HSI, REIS, and other diversity efforts. Reaffirm your commitment to your faculty and students.

I dream of a better future for this university and community than the one Marquette envisions. For those who are dreaming with me: continue to make change, seek justice, and find your voice.

In the spirit of my favorite musical, Hamilton: “rise up.”

Written by

I am a current senior at Marquette University majoring in Classical Languages and History.

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